December 13, 2018

Excursion to Odaiba

Today the international group from Seiritsu went on an excursion to Odaiba. We were all surprised at how many foreign visitors are here. And everything in this area has good support, including English and Chinese (and other languages too!).

We visited many interesting spots on the trip.

There is a wonderful facility in this area that lets you experience what it is like immediately after an earthquake. It is called Tokyo Rinkai Disaster Prevention Park. We got to learn how to deal with the aftermath and how to make things like slings from plastic bags and chairs from plastic bottles. The voice coming from the rubble had an extra impact.

20181213 disaster.JPG

We highly recommend for visitors, especially for residence, to come check out this facility.

There is a facility in this area called Miraikan or "National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation". It has a lot of interesting materials involving science and our lifestyles. Many people get hooked on the game involving sending your desire to the future. Many others are enthralled with the robot and androids.

20181213 androids.JPG

The real time massive globe hanging is truly impressive.

20181213 Globe.JPG

This is another site that we highly recommend to long time visitors and residents.

It was a great trip and when we finished the sun was setting and a few people stayed behind to get a view of the Rainbow Bridge all lit up. It was a nice way to finish the day.

20181213 Rainbow bridge.JPG



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