June 12, 2019

Rebecca enjoyed Term 1!

This is my third year in Japan and I am a grade three student now.
This spring, I went to see the cherry blossoms in Nakameguro river. The flowers bloomed on both sides of the river. Some of them fell into the river when the wind blew. We walked on the path beside the river, ate some snacks, watching the lanterns and enjoying the view.

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We also had the sports festival. This time we were team blue.
This was the last event for third year students.
We had two new events. They were cheering contest and dance performance.
For our team,the basketball team boys taught us how to cheer.
We shouted and enjoyed the power of teamwork.
We danced two songs and we trained for it for an entire year. We did a really great job!

Last our blue team did a really great job in all the items, we won the first or second place in all of them. Regrettably, we lost in only a few points to the yellow team because their junior high members were so strong. What a pity.
However, everything was fun and we took a lot of pictures.
It was really a wonderful experience!




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