October 30, 2018

Amy's trip to Diet Building, Zojoji and Tokyo Tower!

Recently, all of the international students, as well as the students who have done homestay before and those who are going on homestay experiences went on an excursion together. It was a really great day, possibly one of my favourites since I came.

First we went to the Diet Building which was overall pretty similar to Australia's Parliament House. It wasn't that exciting but it was nice to see how it all worked. After that we took a short train ride to Zozoji temple where we talked about the Tokugawa shogunate and some other aspects of traditional Japanese culture. It was fun to do Omikuji (fortune) with my friends and I was glad that I got the luckiest one :)

20181030 Amy excursion blog 3.jpg

We then walked to Tokyo Tower and took the elevator up to the first level. The view was really nice, and we were able to take cute photos with Halloween hats and costumes.

20181030 Amy excursion blog 2.jpg

20181030 Amy excursion blog 1.jpg

I had such a great day and thank you to all the international teachers for making it happen!!



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