November 12, 2018

Scarlett's Aomori Apple Adventure!

Last weekend me and Teresa Sensei stayed with a host family in Aomori, whilst we were there we prepared and ate various Japanese foods, went to Onsen, admired all the autumnal trees and even went apple picking.

20181112 Scarlett Aomori 2.jpg

Here are my top tips for apple picking in Aomori

1) Dress in warm because Aomori is COLD...
2) Use gloves because it hurts your fingers after a while (I'm clearly not used to manual labor)
3) Pick the apples slowly and make sure you use the correct technique so you do not lose the stem (Apples are worth 50 yen more when they have the stem still intact)
4) Also the bruised and less pretty apples... These can be used for juice
5) Regular snack breaks are essential (various types of apples and apple juice is a necessity)
6) Help time pass by singing songs (Junko (our host mother) sang us some well-known Aomori apple picking songs)

20181112 Scarlett Aomori 1.jpg



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